Nestlé’s new Maison Cailler brand creates chocolate haute couture

To Press Releases listNov 30, 2011

Nestlé has created a new luxury brand that delivers fresh chocolates, tailor-made for individual tastes.

Maison Cailler is a unique profiling system that consumers can use to discover their ‘chocolate personality’ and share the result with their friends online.

Within 48 hours of using the service, consumers will be sent a box of Maison Cailler chocolates that have been carefully selected to match their individual preferences.

“What we are offering is the perfect personalised chocolate,” says Cédric Lacroix, Director of Nestlé’s Chocolate Centre of Excellence in Broc, in the Gruyère region of Switzerland.

Personalised service

To determine someone’s chocolate personality, consumers first order a box of five ‘tasting’ chocolates to send to a friend or relative, or themselves.

“Chocolate has certain attributes that people distinguish in different ways. It is like tasting wine,” Mr Lacroix explains.

“The first five chocolates arrive with a set of instructions, designed to help people to discover the pleasure of the tasting experience.”

The recipient tastes the chocolates which contain hints of milk, caramel, nut, fruit, flowers, vanilla and cocoa. Then they rate them online using a simple questionnaire.
Maison Cailler is the latest in a series of innovative personalised products and services from Nestlé’s global research and development network.

A brief history of Cailler

François-Louis Cailler was born in 1796 in Vevey, Switzerland.
In 1819 he bought a small company that sold chocolate. In 1825, he began to make chocolate in Corsier, an industrial area of Vevey.
In 1832, he built his first big factory in the same town. He later built a second.
When François-Louis Cailler died in 1852, two of his sons took over the company and bought a new factory in Vevey.
In 1929, the company was bought by Nestlé. Today, the Cailler brand continues to produce chocolate at the factory in Broc according to the traditional recipes of its founder.

Nestlé investment in Iran began in 2001, following the government’s decree, with the collaborations of OIETAI. On 2003 CERELAC® production was started, one year later we started to build the second factory to produce NAN®. Production of GUIGOZ® started in 2011.
In 2006 Nestlé waters invested in Anahita Polour Company to produce high quality water of       drinking water of NESTLÉ® PURE LIFE® from the spring of Polour.
Nestlé total investment in Iran is about $100 mio.
Nestlé has created about 500 job opportunities in I.R.Iran.
Nestlé Iran exports
Nestlé Iran exports Infant Cereals since January 2006 to the Persian Gulf countries and the amount of the exports has increased effectively by the time that NAN® Infant Formula production has started.
We are now exporting more than 65% of our product in Qazvin factory and we were awarded as the top exporter of Qazvin province with the export amount of 30 mio USD.
Nestlé imports
Nestlé Iran by due observation of the legally provided requirements, has begun endorsing imports and distribution of MAGGI®, COFFEE-MATE®, NESCAFÉ®, NESQUIK®, FITNESS®, CHOCAPIC® and NESTLÉ® CORN FLAKES with the Farsi label.
Nestlé is proud to have been the first to import food and beverage products fully labeled in Farsi language, all showing MOH hygienic reference number.