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Nestlé Pure Life

Pure Life was launched in 1998 to help meet the global need for a safe drinking water with a pleasant taste at an affordable price. Now present in more than 20 countries, Pure Life is the world’s most popular bottled water brand.

Water is essential to health 

Did you know?

  • Drinking water regularly throughout the day is the preferred way to maintain healthy hydration
  • Water is vital to maintain your body functions

For example, it helps:

  • The body maintain its constant internal temperature
  • Transport and adsorb nutrients from food
  • The body eliminate waste
  • Lubricate the joints, and acts as a shock absorber for the brain and spinal cord

Committed to sustainable development

Reflecting the long-standing Nestlé Policy on Environmental Sustainability (pdf, 349 Kb),Pure Life environmental efforts include:

  • Reduced packaging – For example, our ‘eco-shape’ bottle was introduced in the USA in 2008 being 30% lighter than other products on the market. We continue to improve our packaging each year as part of continuous improvement
  • Contributing to increased consumer awareness and action to recycle PET bottles
  • Local sourcing and production wherever possible and limiting the miles our products travel