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Maggi products help bring out the best in every meal. Quick and easy solutions - like bouillons, soups, seasonings and sauces - to aid cooking and add flavour.Maggi brand – the flavour that fresh food loves, helping you make nutritious, delicious meals.

Some history

The Maggi brand originates from Switzerland where in 1863 Julius Maggi created a recipe of flavours to bring added taste to meals. This marked the beginning of theMaggi brand and its convenient products. Known for his nutrition-oriented approach, the Swiss Government asked Julius Maggi to create a product that would be quick to prepare yet nutritious as more and more women were working outside the home. The results were a success — two instant pea soups and an instant bean soup.

In 1947 Nestlé acquired the Maggi brand. Today the tradition continues around the world. Whether it’s Maggibouillons, soups, seasonings, noodles or sauces, consumers have come to know and trust the Maggibrand for its high quality, convenience and nutrition.