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The delicious nibble everyone loves! Colourful coated chocolate confectionery in a variety of individual, multi-pack or special occasion formats. A long-time favourite in many countries including the UK, Germany, Australia, South Africa and Canada. Initially named 'Chocolate Beans', the Smarties brand has held a special place in people's hearts since 1937.

Continuous product improvements, including a shift to no artificial colours or flavours, ensure that Smartiesbrand remains a popular choice for kids and adults alike.

A case for improved packaging
As part of its chocolate Easter Egg product range, find out how Nestlé UK reduced the packaging onSmarties and other Nestlé brand chocolate Easter Eggs to delight consumers.

Good to know. . .

Learn how Nestlé’s long-term commitment to The Cocoa Plan is helping improve the quality of life for cocoa farmers and their communities.